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When a group of Audio, Stage and Monitor Engineers meets a group of Interior and Product Designers, everything can happen.

ROCKIN’1000: Francesco Penolazzi’s latest event

We are proud to inform that our Creative Director,
Francesco Penolazzi
has been the Sound Designer for:
the biggest tribute band in the world.

Thank you to Fabio Zaffagnini and his organization for this huge, fantastic event.



We are committed in the design, manufacture and installation of unconventional entertainment products for all types of event.
If you wish to develop a project that involves Audio, Lighting, Video and Design skills, we are the reliable partner for your marketing goals.


We develop your musical projects, starting from an idea and a goal to reach. We study it and make it real through our experience and skills.
We are the right partner for those who wish to create
something that doesn’t exist yet.


Case history: Piano Stair was commissioned to us to support a musical event in Milan, in the Dome Square: LiveMi. At the beginning it had to last just for 15 days. after its success, we extended its duration for six months. The result was an incredible turn-out. Numbers say plus 20%.


You can also contact us for:
Sound, light and video design;
Live music show events;
Sound andstage monitor engineering;
Sale and rental of sound, light and video devices for shows.

About us

We are strongly inspired by people who have fun

We are a group of Audio, Stage, Monitor Engineers, Consultants and Software Engineers, Interior, Product and Graphic Designers with the passion to develop unconventional musical projects. Our goal is to let people socialize and have fun by experiencing unconventional musical installations. We think that our skills can give a big help to those organisations searching for a different way to attract public's attention on a product, place or event. We believe that people's involvement is the key to pique their interest and predispose them to listen to what we have to say. We love when people express themselves freely, by adding their own personal creativity while using our products, because for us they are a constant source of new ideas.


Remember to dare always
Creative Director
Sound Designer
Live monitor engineer
On tour since 1979
More than a perfectionist, world traveler, he supports italian and foreigner artists for both live music shows and studio recording in quality of sound designer. He mainly works for Live music shows, TV Productions, Theaters and Arenas live shows, big events and conventions.
Daniele Campanozzi
Art director
Interior & Product Designer
On tour since 2004
“There, where he designs, the world will never be the same again”. Graduated at the Design University of San Marino he’s an ace in his field. Inspired by Le Corbusier and Zaha Hadid, he imagines the world as a T-spline surface.
Federico magli
Graphic Designer
On tour since 2004
Graduated at the university of San Marino and now working hard to get a second graduation because only one wasn’t enough, he’s a guarantee of success.


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